Environmental Responsibility

As organizers of the upcoming EFCAP 2024 Conference, we are not only dedicated to addressing the pressing issues surrounding violence among young individuals but also recognize the interconnectedness of societal challenges. One area that deeply concerns us is the impact our activities have on the environment.

In a world where every action leaves a footprint, it is our responsibility to acknowledge and address the environmental consequences of our endeavors. We believe that an event of this nature should not only seek solutions for youth violence but also strive to be environmentally conscious.

To this end, we are committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout the conference. From minimizing waste to utilizing eco-friendly materials, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint. Additionally, we encourage participants to join us in this endeavor by adopting responsible practices.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of compensating for the environmental impact of our activities. As part of our commitment, a portion of the conference proceeds will be dedicated to environmental initiatives aimed at offsetting our carbon footprint. We are proud to support ONG or projects that share our vision for a greener future, such as those dedicated to planting trees or protecting our seas.

Here are some credible ONG and projects suggestions, some for the Azores region and others from the worldwide context:

By integrating environmental responsibility into our mission, we not only contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious future, but also support organizations actively working towards a healthier planet. Together, let us not only address the challenges of youth violence but also set an example by taking proactive steps to preserve the environment for generations to come. Your support and cooperation in this dual mission are invaluable.

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